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Next only to the one in Kasi-Kshetra, is the Kala Bhairava shrine situated in Isannapalli (Ramareddy) Village, in .the North Telangana region (Dist. Nizamabad), A.P.

Uncountable are the mystic experiences and the desires fulfilled of the innumerable devotees who visit this shrine and worship the deity here. Those suffering from family troubles, those suffering from incurable physical ailments. those haunted by the evil spirits and those troubled by the 'tantrik prayogas' visit and get relieved of their troubles every day, is sufficient proof of this shrine's divinity.

The sacred lake at the shrine needs a special mention. This lake offers nectorine water in all seasons. Never has it ever dried up, although its water is taken out in great quantities. This still remains a mystery unsolved. The devotees attribute this to the divine powers of Kala Bhairava, It is a every - day sight that the people suffering from diseases and the ones haunted by the evil spirits take a dip in the lake and are relieved of their sufferings.

From times immemorial this shrine has remained to date the veritable of Hindu Dharma, a holy shrine, a kalpa-vriksha for the devotees, and the granter of both the worlds - the eartly and the celestial visit this holy shrine, and be blessed by Sri Kala Bhairava Swamy - thus we pray the countless devotees all over the world.

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